James Templeton is a 30-year cancer survivor and health advocate who healed himself from a terminal diagnosis with the use of alternative medicine and healing modalities. As the founder of Uni Key Health Systems and Templeton Wellness Foundation, James has since dedicated his life to helping others achieve optimum health and wellness.

“My life changed when I woke up with the vision to help others with the knowledge I’ve gained. Now, I’m not only researching for me, it’s for you too!”

A 5th generation Texan, James Templeton is proud of his roots and credits his ancestors who fought for Texas’ independence in the Battle of San Jacinto with the grit and determination that served him so well during his recovery. Now a resident of the Pacific Northwest, James dedicates much of his time to living a healthy lifestyle and helping others do the same. He also enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with family including his beloved grandson.


Get inspired with this intimate look at James’ harrowing journey from “terminal” cancer patient to empowered survivor. Thirty years later he shares the lessons he’s learned for lasting health.