Are you suffering from FOMO?

FOMO (def) Fear of Missing Out

Anyone who has ever traded cryptocurrencies knows the feeling. It’s a sick, deep-seated emotion… a gut-wrenching feeling that can make a grown man cry like a little girl. That feeling you get when you missed out on a big opportunity and have to watch other people bask in its glory.

Take for example, when a very regretful man paid for two pizzas with bitcoins back in 2010, that would be worth over $100 million today had he held onto them. Yeppers.

It’s like adding insult to injury when you 17-year-old great-nephew is a millionaire without having so much have dug a ditch or hammered a nail or have done any number of other things YOU may have done to scratch out a living.

Instead of getting upset, why not take a longer, deeper look at what exactly this younger generation knows that WE don’t know.

Almost anyone has $100 that they can invest into cryptocurrencies. Why wouldn’t you?