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Discover GDAX

By now, you may very well own Coinbase account and you’re seeing how much fun this is. But you’ve only just begun!

You may have noticed the pesky fees Coinbase charges, and that’s ok. It’s the price of getting in the game. But what if you want to keep re-investing and are looking for way to lessen those fees?

Discover GDAX.com

It’s the playground for serious Coinbase players. No, there’s not ANOTHER account to sign up for. GDAX.com is owned by Coinbase. Just go to GDAX.com and use the same log-in credentials for your Coinbase account, and voila! You’re in.

But where are you?

You’re into a strange new world of graphs and charts and fast action. Once you get an idea of what is happening and you watch the Bitcoin prices rise and (sometimes) fall, it’s positively addicting.

The beauty of GDAX.com? LITTLE to NO transfer fees.¬†As long as you know what you’re doing….

Think STOP and SELL LIMITS! That’s the secret.

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