Florida Real Estate Loans
Charles “Bud” Moores, President
Florida Real Estate Loans, Inc.

“I have twenty years’ experience doing residential and commercial Florida Real Estate Loans and Florida Real Estate Lending. I absolutely love to help people reach their dreams through financing.”

– No is not necessarily no when doing loans with a correspondent lender. We have a full menu of loan programs with the largest wholesale lenders in the country. This allows us to have every available program to help the borrower reach their goals.
– Service beyond the norm. We take the time to help you understand and not just refer you to a website.

Who do I help?

* Realtors who want to build their through effective marketing, learning new loan programs and lending guidelines, and mortgage consultant who offers passion in serving their client.
* Real estate professionals who want to showcase their properties to the market place for highest exposure with fast sales.
* Borrowers and clients who want first class service with integrity.
* Homeowners who want straight talk, compassion in helping them understand, and the programs with rates that help the client reach their goals.
* Developers who need consistent results.


What do others say?

“Bud and his wife are phenomenally good at what they do, assisting people all over the state in applying for and receiving mortgage loans (or refinancing) at wholesale prices. They recently walked me through the process of buying my home, helped me get the best mortgage, and the service I got was second to none. They went above and beyond what one might expect from such professionals, and I am happy to call them my friends!” – Rhonda Burns